Phil Wilcox


O Arame


Here is a short clip from O Arame, a contemporary Galician opera by Juan Durán.

Gloria - Lorena Paz Nieto

Labarta - Phil Wilcox

Musical DIrector - Tamara Lorenzo Gabeiras

Choreography/director - Fran Mangiacasale

Lord! I married me a wife

Benjamin Britten

Here is a video of the lovely Julia Mamatyeva-Sinani and I preparing for a Royal Academy of Music Song CIrcle Valentine's Day Concert back in Feb 2017.

Come away,  come away, death

Gerald Finzi

Piano: Tamara Lorenzo Gabeiras

Video: Heathcliff Blair

Crocodile of Old Kang Pow

Tête à Tête 2020 - Pictures by Claire Shovelton

Bubbles the Zebrafish

and the No. 8 Bus

Tête à Tête 2020 - Pictures by Claire Shovelton

2020 Online and Virtual Opera

No Room No Room No Room

For Opera Harmony

No Room No Room No Room. presents a series of absurd little vignettes from those of us stuck inside our absurd little rooms.


Starring: Gráinne Gillis, Brittany Hewitt, Zahid Siddiqui, Phil Wilcox

Writer and Director: Gareth Mattey

Composer and Sound Designer: Ergo Phizmiz

Editor: Fraz Ireland

An Unexpected Evening

For Set Opera Free

Here's Aria 1 of Opera An Unexpected Evening for Set Opera Free! Aria 1: 'Getting Ready for a Date' Last line: "Damn! Where's my wallet? I must go!"

Composer: Kat Gillham

Singer: Phil Wilcox


5 Daily Vocal Workout Videos

For Northern Opera Group

2020 Leeds Opera Festival

A Dinner Engagement

Lunchbreak Opera 2020

Il Barbiere di Siviglia 

Devon Opera 2019

Much ado about nothing

Northern Opera Group 2019 - Pictures by Pelly and Me

Pirates of Penzance

Merry Opera Company 2019 - Pictures by Robert Workman

Mansfield Park

Waterperry Opera Festival 2018 - Pictures by Robert Workman

Mansfield Park in rehearsal

Waterperry Opera Festival 2018 - Pictures by Helen Cooper


Buxton International Festival 2018 - Pictures by Richard H Smith

Marriage of Figaro

Merry Opera 2018 - Pictures by Laurent Compagnon

Staged Messiah and Verdi Requiem

Merry Opera 2017/2018 - Pictures by Robert Workman

May Night

Royal Academy of Music Opera School 2016 - Pictures by Robert Workman

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